Our Businesses

Dedicated to the highest standard, we have invested and built businesses that are market leaders and potential market leaders.

We believe strongly in future investment today, and we back and invest in businesses that have major return on investment.

Our business range spans across the globe, and this combination of international relationships, extensive knowledge and capital, enable us to identify attractive investment opportunities.

We have a large portfolio of websites that are a key cornership of our company. Individually, they are quite unique and have much value, but collectively they are very valuable assets and have a massive stealth of potential revenue.

Putting emphasis on being diversified, we are a value-driven brand that seeks to put capital to work. We create value directly from our actions and investing back into our businesses.

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"Putting Capital to Work,
Making Companies Stronger."

Top Investments


This business and franchise advertising site is a London market leader. It essentially advertises every conceivable business and franchise and offers a viable solution for both buyer and seller.

A unique property portal which is a cornerstone of out portfolio. Period Homes London offers the opportunity to advertise specifically what period their property is from. It has massive investment potential.